You Should Definitely Get a Massage

Updated May 29, 2017

Over an eight year career as a massage therapist, I’ve heard numerous excuses from potential clients as to why they haven’t, or do not want to receive a massage. Usually, the reasons are pretty trivial and easy to debunk. So today, I’ve decided to go through a list of the most common examples of reasons people have told me that they do not wish to receive massage.


“I Don’t Have The Time”

A one-hour massage is only four percent of your day. Visiting your massage therapist once a month should be sufficient and the session does not need to last a full hour if you do not have the time for it. Most massage therapists offer half hour sessions, and even a couple of minutes on just your scalp, or a quick hand massage (which most massage therapists offer at $1 per minute) can do wonders for your relaxation.

It is important to remember that you need to take time for yourself. Massage will help you relax, and in turn make you more productive.

“I Feel Guilty”

People who use this reason are usually people who are used to caring for others, and they feel as though taking time for themselves is taking away from caring for those who need them. Being a caregiver usually leads to exhaustion, achy muscles, and chronic stress, all things massage can help with. You will be more useful to those you care for if you take the time to care for yourself as well.

“I Don’t Have the Money”

It is undeniable that a few people cannot afford the cost of regular massage. However, many massage therapists will offer deals and discounts to loyal clients if asked. The way the therapist sees it, it’s better to give a discount so that the client can feel more comfortable in his or her own body. Of course, the therapist also needs to make sure that the prices are still fair for her, too. That being said, if you still cannot afford the discounted price, keep in mind that the session does not be a full hour. Half hour sessions are usually half the price of a full session.

“I Had a Bad Massage Once”

What do you do when you go to a doctor who gives you advice that seems… bad, or misinformed? You consult another doctor, right? If you eat at one bad restaurant, do you never go out to eat at a different one? No. So why should massage be any different? If you have a bad massage once, it could just be that your personality and energy clashed with that of the therapist, and therefore the experience wasn’t good. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find another therapist who compliments you as a client and can give you an amazing massage.

“I Don’t Like People Touching Me”

Well, you don’t like going to the dentist or the doctor either, but you do those things. Why do you do those things? Because they are vital parts of your health care routine, as is massage. Getting a massage is a lot more relaxing than the dentist, and by depriving yourself of massage, you are depriving yourself of much-needed healing, not just in your muscles, but your mind as well. I encourage everyone to try massage at least once. If you don’t like it fine. But you will probably love it.

“I’m Not Comfortable With My Body”

When I was seventeen, I got my first tattoo on my left shoulder blade. My brother’s friend did it for me in our kitchen, and I paid nothing for it. Needless to say, I got what I paid for. It looked like someone took Crayola markers and colored on my back with them. I was so nervous when I got my first massage. When the therapist moved the sheet to work over my back, I thought I could hear what she was thinking about the tattoo. Eight years into my career, and I can’t believe I ever thought my therapist was judging anything but my posture and the health of my tissues! Your massage therapist doesn’t care if you’re overweight, underweight, scarred, or have a bad tattoo! Every body needs a massage regardless of these things, and we are trained professionals who have a high level of comfort with the human body, and all of the varieties that it comes in.

“I Don’t Know What a Massage Is”

This is the most frustrating reason for a massage therapist to hear. If you’re not sure what to expect from a massage, the best thing you can do is ask someone! If you’re interested in getting a massage, find a therapist, call her, and ask her what the session will consist of. Personally, I massage the scalp and face, neck and shoulders, upper chest, arms and hands, legs and feet, glutes, and the back. Only the part of the body that will be worked over will be uncovered, and you can request that any body part you’re not comfortable having massaged be left out.


So you see, massage really isn’t as time consuming, daunting, or weird as you might think it is. It is an important part of your healthcare routine! If you have any questions about massage, just ask a massage therapist!


About Tonya Sapiel, LMT

My goal with The Wellness Seeker blog is to educate the general public on the benefits of massage therapy, why it is an important addition to their health care routine, and what they can do to help themselves in between their massage therapy sessions. I welcome feedback and questions. I also accept requests for post topics. For more information about me or my practice, please visit

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